Summer Solitaire

Summer Tri-Peaks Solitaire
is a refreshing, addictive twist on solitaire. Users agree: once you start, you can’t stop. And you won’t have to, with 100 different levels!

I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!—Red Thang, USA
Brilliant game. Kept me amused for hours!—Claire Donovan, UK
Totally addictive!—Hannalyo, USA
Addictive enjoyable game. Looks good and plays well. —Jonathan Reed, UK

Tri-peaks solitaire is deceptively easy to learn. Just collect all the the cards in increasing or decreasing order. Simple, right? But our app makes it surprisingly addictive, with 100 imaginative card layouts, from loops to starbursts.


• 100 levels, no two alike!
• Saves your progress automatically
• Stats on your best performances
• Relaxing nature sounds/images
• Fun for all ages


FAQ: Die häufigsten Fragen

Q: I’ve purchased additional levels but I can’t play them?
A: This is a bug in the way the App Store handles In-App Purchases; sometimes they aren’t downloaded properly. Please try the download again- you will not be charged twice.

Q: I’ve recently restored my device/gotten a new device and now the game wants me to buy the levels again?
A: This is a bug in the way the App Store handles In-App Purchases, please go ahead with the purchase again- you will not be charged again because you already own those levels.

Q: Is level x even possible?
A: We’ve scaled the difficultly level in our apps to go from easiest to hardest over 100 levels, so as you progress through the game they will get harder but they are all definitely solvable.

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