Simply, Sudoku

Simply, Sudoku – Simply, the best Sudoku app in the App Store. We’ve worked hard for over a year to make everything simply perfect, whether it’s service, functions, puzzle quality, design, sound, or clean visuals.

The results of our long and hard work at a glance:

  • 150 Sudoku puzzles in 6 difficulty levels, tested according to the SHD Rating.
  • Every single puzzle has been tested multiple times for quality.
  • A comparison of worldwide statistics for all puzzles.
  • Visuals that are clean and easy on the eyes, and a minimalistic design without bells and whistles.
  • Three different clean, clear views to choose from.
  • Each step is automatically saved and can be restored.
  • Unimposing sounds, such as simple writing noises.
  • Optional solution suggestions consistently reduce available options.
  • 3 player profiles with personal statistics for each level.
  • Perfect solutions on every device, whether it’s iPad or iPhone.

Should you have any suggestions for the game, we’ll gladly consider them for our regular updates. Enjoy Simply, Sudoku!


FAQ: Most common questions

Q: How can I remove a number?
A: Tap on the field that contains the number, and hold it until the number disappears.

Q: How do I pause the puzzle?
A: Tap on the empty space underneath the puzzle. A number of options will show up. Choose “Menu,” and the game will pause. To resume playing, choose the difficulty level of the puzzle you were playing.

Q: I can’t solve the puzzle. What should I do?
A: In this case, you made a mistake somewhere. Tap on the empty space underneath the puzzle, and choose “Mark Error” from the list of options. Each incorrect number will be displayed in red.

Q: I can’t go any further. How can I end the puzzle?
A: Choose “Next Puzzle” from the options menu. You’ll be asked if you want to discard the current puzzle. After you select “Yes,” you can start a new Sudoku puzzle.

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