iKitty is a virtual pet that captivates both cat-lovers and cat-haters alike.

As a cat-lover, you now finally have the possibility to always have a happy little purring companion by your side that you can pamper and play with to your heart’s content.
As a cat-hater, you have many different options for tormenting iKitty.

Feeding time

When iKitty gets hungery, you can pull three pieces of dry food and three water droplets over its mouth with your finger. After that, iKitty is happy to cuddle and play.

Play time

Whenever you are ready for a game: iKitty is to. To start playing, simply touch one of its upper paws. The game itself is not complicated but can become quite difficult.

Touch the paws in the exact sequence that iKitty shows you. In each round, a paw is added – how long a sequence can you remember?

Cuddle time

iKitty loves to be petted. You will surely discover its favorite spots on its chest, neck and ears. You can turn iKitty over with a quick flip of the wrist and use two fingers to pet its back from top to bottom, for instance.

If you’ve caressed iKitty into a happy nap, you can easily wake it again by shaking your iPhone.

Caution: If you pet iKitty in unusual places like on the belly or fanny, it may come to pass that a belch or a fart escapes its bowels.

Torture time

As a cat-hater, you could of course also torment the cute little guy…

What cat-lovers definitely should not do:

  • poke iKitty in one or both eyes
  • pull iKitty by the tail or pet its back against the grain
  • blow into the kitten’s bottom (by blowing into the iPhone microphone)
  • turn your iPhone upside down
  • shake your iPhone
  • whiz iKitty through the air in circles by rotating your extended arm. Only perverted freaks to things like that!


FAQ: Most common questions

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