Arrowwords: Crosswords

Arrow Words is a classic crossword app with a useful twist.

In arrow words puzzles, the clues are shown right in the puzzle grid, making them easy to view and play on the iPhone or iPad screen.

This lovingly produced app includes 400 all-new Arrow Words puzzles in 4 levels. Easier levels use simpler words and a smaller grid, perfect for a short break. Harder levels have tougher clues and larger puzzle grids for hours of challenging fun. Also, careful editing and a huge pool of words ensure that clues don’t repeat too often.

The sound and graphics are also designed for true crossword aficionados. Choose from three visual interfaces that recreate the atmosphere of the crossword in the Sunday paper. If you miss using your favorite pen to solve puzzels, you’ll love the optional sounds of a moving pen as you fill in the squares, custom recorded for each letter!

PLEASE NOTE: our puzzles are created by British puzzle editors especially with players from Commonwealth countries in mind. Of course, North American players are welcome to join the fun.


  • Optimized for the iPhone/iPad screen with smooth zooming, clear text, and full Retina support
  • 400 puzzles, 4 difficulty levels and grid sizes
  • 3 interface options: Classic, News, Colour
  • Optional sound effects and background music
  • iPod function support


FAQ: Most common questions

Q: I’m stuck on a puzzle, can I skip it?
A: Yes, click on “help” and then “next puzzle”

Q: The app says the puzzle is “100% Solved” but I can’t advance to the next puzzle?
A: Please click on “help” and then “mark errors” to check if you’ve filled in the correct words, sometimes a word fits perfectly that isn’t correct according to the puzzle- keep in mind the puzzles are compiled using British English.

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