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Trivia: Knowledge Trainer is the quiz app for smart people. It’s designed to stimulate your brain with over 5,000 high-quality, challenging, and informative questions.

10/10. Very addictive game –
App Cap Award – TWiT iPad Today

Each lesson tests your wits with 10 questions from 10 different categories. The difficulty level depends on you: get an answer right, you’ll move up a level. A wrong answer leads to an easier question. But you’ll want to move up to improve your Knowledge Quotient, recalculated after every round.

More features:

  • 5000+ questions = fewer repeats
  • 5 difficulty levels, 10 categories
  • Bonus Apple Quiz with 100 questions
  • Review function for missed questions
  • Save progress for 1-3 players
  • Universal app; Retina and iOS 5 support
  • Choose between American, British, and Australian play modes (with country-specific questions and regional rankings) or the new International mode.

    Our promise: the smartest, most interesting trivia in the App Store. But don’t take our word for it: check out the user reviews!


    FAQ: Most common questions

    Q: Why does the app need my location data?
    A: The app measures your knowledge quota, viz. the number of correct answers, which is then compared to other knowledge quotas in your region.

    Q: Will the app work without network connectivity?
    A: Absolutely, but you will not be able to receive regional average information.

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