Dr. Reichel’s IQ Test

In just 45 minutes, Dr. Reichel’s IQ test allows you to estimate your own intelligence quotient. The test consists of 70 questions, organized into thirteen thematic sections.

The questions must be solved in a predetermined sequence. The IQ test was developed for single use only. While designed to be enjoyable, its primary purpose is to determine your IQ with the highest possible accuracy.

According to current definitions, intelligence is composed of a variety of different mental abilities. Dr. Reichel’s IQ test includes different parts, allowing the following characteristics to be examined:

  • Comprehension
  • Linguistic ability
  • Analytical thinking
  • Logic and reasoning
  • Abstract thinking
  • Working memory
  • Quantitative reasoning
  • Spatial judgement
  • Processing speed and accuracy

The psychologist Dr. Wolfgang Reichel is a renowned IQ expert and the author of numerous books on the topic of aptitude and IQ tests. He has developed IQ tests for leading newspapers and television programs. Working with the team at the binary family, he conceived this test specifically for use on the iPhone.


  • Evaluation of your abilities in 13 sections with a total of 70 questions
  • Explanatory example preceding each section
  • Meticulously developed interface, designed especially for iPhone
  • Concentration-enhancing music (optional)
  • Option to continue an interrupted test upon returning to program
  • 5 language options (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian) set automatically according to iPhone’s country setting
  • Results for each user saved

Please read before purchasing this app:

  • The test can only be used once per person
  • Allow 45 minutes for the test and avoid distractions
  • The results of the IQ test can be affected by various factors, including momentary physical and emotional condition, as well as outside disturbances
  • This test cannot take the place of a professional IQ test. Professional tests are administered by psychologists and are significantly more complex.
  • This test is designed for adults and young people age 15 or older
  • In the interest of accuracy, IQ results will only be calculated up to 145


FAQ: Most common questions

Q: Are pen & paper allowed?
A: Pen & paper are definitely allowed, but you will find that they slow you down more than they help.

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