iTrivia is an informative, entertaining quiz featuring more than 500 original questions written by Apple fans for Apple fans.

If you think you know all about Apple, its major players and its products – or if you want to learn more – this game is for you.

The multiple-choice questions cover educational and amusing facts in five categories: Hardware, Software, People, History and Miscellaneous. After each round of ten questions, you’ll get a little evaluation of your Apple savvy: will you be deemed a Caveman or perhaps a Genius Bar Genius? You can also check how your Apple Knowledge Quotient is increasing with every round. To build your knowledge, use the Review feature to brush up on questions you missed.

So test your knowledge about our friends at 1 Infinite Loop, from Woz and Jobs to Lisa and Newton, with a few rounds of iTrivia. You might be surprised at how much you can learn!


  • Over 500 challenging Apple questions
  • 5 categories: Hardware, Software, People, History and Miscellaneous
  • Review function for missed questions
  • Automatically saves your progress
  • Separate controls for music and sounds. Supports the iPod function.
  • Universal app; looks sharp on iPad, iPhone 4 and earlier iPhones


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